Installing Eclipse on Mac OS X

Installing Eclipse on Mac OS X is probably the easiest thing you will ever do. Here are some simple steps…

1. Download Eclipse

Go to the eclipse downloads site

Which Eclipse version?

Choose Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers and get the latest version.

64 bit or 32 bit? My advice is for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and previous versions, use Eclipse 32 bit. For later versions of Mac OS X, use Eclipse 64 bit.

2. Install Eclipse

All you have to do to install Eclipse is to unzip the folder you downloaded and put the folder in a location of your choice. I named the folder “EclipseJEE-Indigo” and placed this folder inside my Applications folder.

You can have as many different installation versions as you like! And, they can all access the same workspace, no problem.

3. Start Eclipse

Start Eclipse by clicking on the purple Eclipse icon inside the unzipped folder. You can drag this icon to your dock if you like.

That’s all! Easy, huh?

(TODO make eclipse use java 1.6)


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