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I’m a Java developer and architect originally from the United States and currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. After studying Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, I moved to Europe to work as a software consultant. I have taken part in the development and design of many different applications in Boston, Milan, and Zurich.

I started to write this blog when I was learning Spring/Hibernate/Maven/TDD in order to build a prototype for a client. The process of getting everything up running under a tight deadline was quite painful and I couldn’t find much good documentation. I wished there had been a simple guide to take me through all the steps, from setting up to design decisions and implementation. And, over the years as a developer on large enterprise applications, I always wished the applications I worked on had a better design. So, with the hope that I would make development easier for others, I wrote a guide to JEE development.

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Basil wrote on 2013-03-30 at 23:56:03:
Thanks for the awesome work. I've been working with these frameworks for a while (internchip, etc), but never understood how these interconnect as a web application. Thanks to your site it became a lot clearer. :D

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