Bit by bit blog is a series of tutorials for developers getting started building Java EE web applications with Spring, Hibernate, Maven, and TDD (Test Driven Development). The goal is to understand Java enterprise application development and architecture by building a simple example application.

People often ask me why I chose to write about Spring, Hibernate, Maven, and TDD when there are so many other technologies and approaches out there. How do I answer that? This is a typical enterprise stack, a popular choice of many large companies today. I believe it is important to master the basics of mainstream technologies by gaining an in depth understanding of the most basic example available. Are these good technology choices for your small e-commerce application or blog? Probably not. An approach like this is often used for building large scalable applications in an agile working environment.

Now go get started, build the application from start to finish, and see how easy Java EE web application development can be!